PAX 2012 – Extra Credits Panel

With a huge showing this year, BrokenCRT brings you an exclusive one-hour video of the Extra Credits PAX Prime 2012 Panel. Meet the whole gang and some bonus guests! Check it Out!


PAX 2012 – FireFall

Another PAX, another great interview with Red5 Studios… Is this is the start of a trend? We delve into the latest and greatest from FireFall and learn a bit about what makes Red5 Studios so unique. Read More…





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Child’s Play Charity Banquet 2013 Photos

So last Thursday was the annual Child’s Play Charity Banquet, and it was extra special being the tenth anniversary of Child’s Play Charity.Also, Mike and Jerry were able to step aside from the live auction to eat a hot meal for once and let Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub take over the role of auctioneers.

Photos can be found below.


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The Oatmeal came, and he signed!

Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal stopped by Chapters Metrotown on the last stop of his new book tour to come and sign some books.  I had to swing by to snap some pictures and then wait 4 hours in line for a signature.

(Totally worth it)



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I will finish/fix this blog someday!

I totally promise. For realsies.


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Extra Credits Panel at PAX Prime 2013

So we once again filmed the Extra Credits panel during PAX Prime, a good and some of questions, stories, videos and towards the end, a whole bunch of feels.  You can watch it all below if you missed it, or wish to relive the moment.


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PAX Day One – Complete

The day is over, and I am wide awake after having passed out. So I can think of nothing better to do than write this lovely blog post that you are reading.

So as the title may suggest, the first day of PAX has passed us.  Once again, PAX does not fail to deliver on its extreme levels of awesomeness. And as always PAX feels bigger and better than it did the year before.  That said, there are a few mild things I want to mention and talk about.

First off, remember how we said we were going to go cover the Indie Megabooth.  Well that was planned for today, and that didn’t happen.  This however, is not due to any fault on our part.  It is just that the Indie Megabooth was FUCKING PACKED WITH PEOPLE IN EVERY SQUARE INCH!! *exhale*  So unfortunately, our ability to effectively attempt to cover the booth was greatly negated.  We will still do our best to try and cover as many games as we can there, just today wasn’t going to happen.  I did have a chance to look at Chromancer, I am very intrigued by this game and not to shamelessly promote, but you should go check out their Kickstarter.

Now about the Indie Megabooth being packed, is this a bad thing?  Dear god no, this means that people care about the little guys, the new and up and coming, the innovators and the dreamers who want to share their vision with others versus just create the “Our Market Research Indicates That” cookie cutter game that plays it safe.  If I were an indie developer, after looking past the madness that was the booth, I would realize that all of these people are here because they want to see the different and innovative games.  Not to call it a trend, but the market audience does appear to be shifting its focus away from the big budget and AAA mainstream game scene.  I like this trend, I like it a lot.

On the same note of insanely crowded booths, that is also the overall feel for PAX.  I dunno how to do an analytical analysis of it, but this PAX does feel a lot busier than in previous years.  Perhaps this is due to having gone to PAX East earlier this year, and seeing the other side of the pond.  But yes, it just felt crowded and more so than it usually does.  This is not a bad thing, I am happy more people are experiencing PAX, my only fear is that as a whole, people will like it less due to the feeling of everything being busier.

Speaking of busy, because we basically abandoned our plans for today.  I did spend my time gathering Pinny Arcade pins for my best friend and I.  Mother of god, I did it in one day, but I have 2 complete sets of all the pins from here at PAX. I highly doubt that anyone from Penny Arcade will read this but, hey guys, please do us a favor.  Scale back the absolute raw number of pins available, ignoring the Prime and Lookouts sets, there were over 20 pins to collect and some came across as harder than other’s to collect.

Well, I believe that is enough for the night (read: Morning) I suppose I shall attempt to get a few hours of sleep and then go attack tomorrow head on.  Now lets see if we all survive these next 3 days!!


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OH SHIT!!: Part Deux – PAX Prime is next weekend.

So yes boys and girls and internet troll bots that will be reading this.

PAX Prime kicks off next Friday, and this year we have FOUR days of amazing times to occupy ourselves with. I would say “my body is ready” but then that would infer that my body isn’t always ready.

This year, Broken CRT is going to focus more on the Indie Mega Booth as when I was at PAX East, I found a lot of promising content out there.

Also, I finally got a US Sim card. So expect a lot of tweets and posts from the show floor versus every night from the hotel room. As always you can follow our twitter @BrokenCRT to see what we are up to.

And because of traditions, we will be toting around delicious Smarties with us. If you bump into us on the show floor, you may ask politely and we may give you a box for your consumption.

Well, that’s all for now. Any interviews or videos we do will be posted in their usual place of our YouTube channel.

Peace out! See you at PAX!


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Fan Expo Vancouver 2013 Photos

Pictures from Fan Expo Vancouver are now posted.  Find them here.


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