Kicking off 2016 right.

Hey everyone, 

Starting next week we are launching our new podcast "Not Wrong, Nor Right". Its a podcast where we can and will discuss any and all topics, no matter how conventional or controversial. Panelists of each podcast are also free to discuss alternative views and unpopular opinions, the general table rule is "no losing your shit over what someone says". 

The first episode will be live and available for download as of Monday, and will see biweekly release (as that seems to be our present capacity at recording these). The podcasts will run for approximately 45 minutes in length, perfectly digestable for your daily commute or during your breaks at work. 

Also, we encourage our listeners to interact with us, on Twitter @NWNRPodcast, via email, or in the comments sections of each podcast posted here on the site. 

We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you, and yours to us, and hope we can tread some new intellectual ground and stir up the stagnated waters of the current status quo on many things. 

Ciao for now.