Political Correctness I

Our first dive into the Not Wrong, Nor Right Podcast; and we kick it off with political correctness. You can download the podcast here and upload it to your audio player of choice.

Not Wrong, Nor Right Podcast: Episode 01 - Political Correctness I

Derails - 1, Segues - 11, Sorrys - 7

Fandom I

Discussing a topic which all of us can speak passionately about, Fandom and in its positive and sometimes negative forms.

Not Wrong, Not Right Podcast: Episode 02 - Fandom I

Derails - 0, Segues - 9, Sorrys - 5

Politics I

At the time of recording Politics was all we were hearing due to our recent Canadian Federal Election, and of course the United States with, well whatever they have going on down there.  So we offered up our thoughts as best we could. "Best".

Not Wrong, Nor Right Podcast Episode 03: Politics I